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Graniteman Countertops

About Graniteman Countertops

Graniteman Countertops was founded in 2008 by Lee Eunice who is a fully licensed builder for the state of South Carolina. Graniteman is a one stop shop for all of your countertop needs offering natural stone, quartz products, sinks and faucets. Graniteman has one of the largest selections of Level 1 granite, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service making it one of the midlands premier granite destinations.




Granite is a natural stone made of several different mineral composites. It is ideal for countertops because of its durability and natural beauty. Because granite is natural each piece of granite, while similar with their lots, does hold individual characteristics that varies between other granites.

Marble is a beautiful stone that while it is not as durable as granite does hold a much more uniform and aesthetically pleasing color and texture.

A manmade stone that is less durable than granite and marble however can come in a much greater variety of colors and patterns.

We also work with the natural stone quartzite as well as manmade stones such as Silastone, Hanstone, and Geos recycled glass.

After our team comes out and measures a job we also create a template. A customer can then come do a layout session with our shop foreman anytime and pick out the best places on the stone for the individual pieces as well as the seams.

We do not caulk granite to the walls.

We do not reconnect the plumbing and we suggest that the plumbing remain off for 24 hours.

The sealer typically last a whole year on average. This depends highly on how often you use your countertops and what you clean them with. Graniteman can come reseal countertops for you or we can point you in the direction to order the product yourself.

After the material is installed we seal all the surfaces. It is optimal to wait 24 hours afterwards before using the countertops.

Typically the purchasing process is: 1) selecting a color 2) getting a measurement appointment, in which case we will have the estimate to you later that day or the next 3) doing a layout at our facility 4) paying a deposit which will be 50% of the total price 5) we install the granite and receive the final 50% of payment.

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